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​Every Saturday at 12:00. Registration by phone.

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If you come to Moscow from somewhere far away from Russia looking for distraction apart from bears with balalaikas you may visit our school and see what uncommon diversions we have in store for you.

You will be able to learn to ride a unicycle, learn how to exercise on an indoboard, walk on a slackline and take part in various activities involving them and other cool stuff. Unicycling at our school is subdivided into three main categories: distance runs, muni (offroad) unicycling and unipolo. If you are new to the unicycle we will teach you how to ride it because it takes some time to learn this skill. And if you already have a certain level of mastery, you will be able to take part in more advanced activities.
The indoboard, which may at first sight seem a pretty trivial thing, will help you to understand how good you are at controlling the balance of your body and increase you balance skills. You will be further able to discover great moves and incredible combinations of them that can be done on an indoboard, which stops looking simple as soon as you spend several minutes trying to merely stand on the thing. The indoboard is also a very good tool to keep you fit. Besides greatly increasing you balance it helps to strengthen you legs and the stabilizing muscles of the back, the latter often stay inactive during trainings in the gym.
We will also show you how to make tricks with diabolo, kendama and more traditional juggling stuff.
You will even be able to taste different sorts of original Chinese tea and enjoy a unique atmosphere of cozy heartiness and warmth of our place.
Plus, you will finally learn first hand how bears riding one-wheel bikes feel!!!

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